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Monday, June 6, 2011

Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks Highlights Video Youtube Game 3 NBA Finals Result 2011

Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks Highlights Video Youtube Game 3 NBA Finals Result 2011

Nightly Notable: Dwyane Wade Dominates Game 3

Live Scoreboard: Heat 92 - 84 Mavericks


That's it! Miami take Game One 92-84, check out the video, see you again next time.

1 min - That's the game with seconds remaining! Le Bron with a super alley-oop! C'mon!

1 min - Ohh yes! Wade gets the defensive rebound, dribbles up court, no look pass to Bosh and the big man does the rest, video coming of that sensational play.

2 mins - Dirk goes to the line and brings the Mavs back within six.

Video coming, of Le Bron magic.

2 mins - BOOM! Le Bron James slams it down....the big man stepping up and the Miami crowd love it!

3 mins - Big double play from Wade...first he blocks a shot at the defensive end then he nails a three to give Miami their biggest lead of the night.

4 mins - Wade nails a nice jumper from top of the key, extends the lead once more.

MIAMI take a TIMEOUT. Time to talk tactics.

4 mins - Le Bron now has four personal fouls against him, something to watch. As Chandler gets 1/2 from the free throw line.

5 mins - A few missed shots and the fouling has began, Miami happy to let Dallas go to the line.

6 mins - Haslem lands a lovely little hook shot as the Heat stretch away once more, quality from the lads.

VIDEO UPDATED of the Nowitzki drive, as the German picks up another foul. TIMEOUT.

9 mins - Nowitzki goes inside the paint and lands the layup, great drive, video coming.

11 mins - Mike Miller gets in on the action for Miami and nails a three with ease! When he's hot the Heat side are a whole new kettle of fish. That is fish you don't wanna mess with.

Final quarter - Here we go, Dallas grab a free throw from the big German to kick things off in the last quarter.

Three Quarter time and this is anyone's game! Check out the video and get ready for an epic final quarter!

16 secs - Dirk draws the foul and nails the two free throws...dying seconds and....BOOM! Le Bron James steps up to the mark, fadaway three on the buzzer!

30 secs - Frantic struggle for the ball ends up with Miami going to the line, Juwan Howard the man with the shooting duties and he nails both free throws.

1 mins - Le Born stands up once more and drops down a big three from one of the big three! Heat up by one.

2 mins - And we are all tied up once more, this is going to be a final quarter thriller, I genuinely couldn't pick it right now!

5 mins - This game closes up once more, Miami go on a mini streak aided by a three point play, it looked like Wade.

VIDEO UPDATED of the James 23 footer. Chris makes a terrific block, the big don't argue. Video coming.

6 mins - BOOM! James nails a 23 foot 3 pointer from the corner, quality from the man, never looked like missing. The court announcer gives it the big, Le Bron JAMMMMMES.

7 mins - Miami know they are in a dog fight here, the crowd getting in behind them now, chanting, DEEEFENCE!

8 mins - Marion is having a cracking game for Dallas as he lands yet another two points, he's getting inside with ease at the moment.

9 mins - Wade comes out firing after the timeout and lands a layup under pressure, he draws the foul but can't convert the three point play.

VIDEO UPDATED of the early Dallas attack.

3rd Quarter - BOOM! The Mavs start on fire with Nowitzki with the fading jumper and then backed up with a three pointer..great work early and force Miami to take a timeout. No points for Miami in this quarter yet!

HALFTIME, see you after the break.

VIDEO UPDATED as the Heat miss a three pointer on the buzzer, Mavs with a one point lead at the break. Check out the video.

1 min - Dallas open up a mini lead before the break, ohh , Miami hit back, see saw affair right to the end of this one!

2 mins - You can't keep him quiet for long! Nowitzki nails a lovely little fade away jumper, a absolute Dirk classic.

3 mins - Miami starting to find their range from outside, another three goes down, they are fouling Nowitzki at the defensive end, giving him no room and no chance for momentum, video coming.

5 mins - BOOM! Big three pointer for Miami, no pun intended there. That's where they'll win this from the outside.

6 mins - Timeout taken, Miami with a slim lead, VIDEO UPDATED.

6 mins - Miami work a nice move with James and Bosh, the foul comes out from the Mavs and Bosh heads to the line, video coming of the move.

8 mins - A definate ploy to shut down Nowitzki, this is a tight battle so far, Miami forced to the outside, not able to get in the paint easily.

10 mins - Dirk goes to the line for a couple threes. VIDEO UPDATED of the three pointers and double team D.

2nd Quarter - Bit of three point action to start the second quarter, Miami and doing a job on Nowitzki, double teaming him on D.

Dallas grab the final points of the quarter and with that the lead, one point splits them at quarter time. VIDEO UPDATED of the heavy fall.

1 mins - As we close in on the first quarter break, it hasn't been the most entertaining basketball so far, classic finals atmosphere... A Dallas player goes down heavy and goes to the line, video coming.

2 mins - Mavs close the gap once more, this is going to be a see saw affair all day it seems.

3 mins - 'The Big Three' with all the points for Miami so far, as Wade misses two free throws, stunned silence!

4 mins - BOOM! Another three from Dallas, video coming top shot that.

5 mins - James completes the play, good work. Dallas hit back with a three pointer, you wouldn't know it from the Miami crowd reaction!

6 mins - Le Bron makes a drive in to the key and nails the layup, drawing the foul, three point play in the offing here. VIDEO UPDATED.

7 mins -Dallas working a nice zone defence at the moment, disrupting the Miami attack.

7 mins - Nowitzki grabs a couple of free throws and gets Dallas on the board. VIDEO UPDATED of the early action.

1st Quarter - Plenty of fire in the opening exchanges, Miami landing the first points of the match form the free throw line.

We will bring you live commentary from tip off, in the meantime you can check out the video from the playoffs.

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