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Friday, June 3, 2011

Game 2 NBA Finals Dallas Mavericks vs Miami Heat Video Highlights

Game 2 NBA Finals Dallas Mavericks vs Miami Heat Video Highlights

They trailed by 16 points with six minutes to go what a come back!

Nowitzky scores!!!!! Dallas wins!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for coming all video up soon.

24 secs: Commeth the hour, Commeth LeBron jJmes as he strikes back with a HUGE BOOM from tight to the corner for three to tie it up.

57 secs: Wade misses the three - Wade misses the three. Dallas go the length and Nowitzky nails a three!!! Video up soon.

2 mins: Crazy play at the Heat end as the shot clock counts down and the Mavs get desperate. Solid D. James fires for three, tipped back, everyone has hands on it. Ball loose, Mavs go, THEY SCORE! Tied up! Tied up! The crowd is STUNNED MULLET!

3 mins: Heat losing the plot - or is it Mavs fighting back - two point game!

4 mins: Jason Terry stops on a dime and nails two and a three from Kidd brings this one wide open again. Video up soon.

5 mins: Lead back down to single digits and the Heat throw up a cream puff and they're letting Dallas back into this one late. Marion drives and rips one in off the glass... eight straight Mav points. LeBron settles things down with two from the line.

6 mins: There just aren't enough superlatives for Wade tonight... as I put the mockers on him and he misses a three. Long way back Mavs... long way back but they have ability to put on a scoring spurt - no doubt there.

7 mins: Lead back to ten as the Heat out some octane in their shoes and take off. Video up soon. Ten straight points and the lead is a dozen.... no 15 as Wade drops a BOMB from three-point land.


8 mins: Mavs guilty of trying turning the basketball over - time after time after time. If they are to come back into this one - and stay in it- unforced errors have to be put on ice.

9 mins: Time out Mavericks. Can't blame them for that - every time they look like they are back in the match they stumble across this fella called Wade and his high flying, slam dunking way.

FINAL QUARTER - Mavs start the last stanza the best and brint back to two but it's Wade again who produces the court magic to get some of the Heat's lead back.

1 mins: Mavs on a ride - six points in a row have cut it to four but Bibby drops one only for Nowitzki to drop one of his 6/15 from the field. END of 3RD QUARTER - Mavs 71 Vs Heat 75.

2 mins: How's that, that's the first Heat turnover of the quarter while the Mavs have knocked up six - hence the difference in a nutshell third quarter.

3 mins: Wade is living at the free throw line. Video up of a magic block.

4 mins: The sirens sound for the Mavs as they call the time out and those same sirens may be sounding on a 2-0 Heat lead in the NBA finals bu eight, the largest lead of the game. Mike Bibby has his eye on the target an added three to the Heat count.

5 mins: Heat goes up by five as Mike Bibby GOES LARGE for three. Mavs nab two back. Marion with a pretty scoop layup move . VIDEO UP.

6 mins: Travel on Kidd hurts the Mavs. Technical foul called on Kowitzky which sends Wade to the line.

7 mins: The highlights package could just be Wade after Wade slamming it home - another two for the big man. VIDEO UP.

8 mins: Marion Brown takes it in then leans back to find the net. All sorts of pressure as the Heat go to the board but the rebound is taken by Nowitzki - who feeds and the Mavs score two more.

9 mins: DWayne Wade has 1-/14 from the field - he's the stand out. James 7/9 while for the Mavs it's Marion who has 4/6. Stevenson with three from four threepointers heads the count from distance.

10 mins: Dallass takes one back from the free throw line ohhhhh airball from the Heat. Nasty. Wade ends up sbnaffling it and scoring again... then again... is there an "again" again? No... Mavs have had enough of that and call the time out. Scoring blitz from DW.

THIRD QUARTER: Heat with the ball first up in the third. Dirk Nowitzky has 3 from 10 in the field. No go for the Heat and Mavs break down court, flip shot but then it's action at the other end as tat man Dwayne Wade dunks it and gives his side the lead.

What's been interesting is that it's been the big names like WADE and JAMES that feature in the highlights package while the MAVERICKS simply go about their business of putting the ball through the hoop - nothing as flashy, but count just as much!

THAT'S H/T FOLKS - 51-51.

15 secs: BOOM! Wade for three ties the game. "Defence... Defence..." screams around the stadium and that's what is put onto the court too as Miami scream it back to have a chance at the other end to take the lead - just misses!

1 mins: Chalmers steps up and says, I may have misses two but I'll have a snap for three - and misses again for the Heat.

2 mins: Mavericks will look to tie things up and take a healthy one into halftime. Heat nail one from the line. Clinic type of defence right their from the Heat as they force the Mavs to play hot potato ad search for an opening - not before the buzzer and the 24 second violation though. Chalmers at the line and misses both - to the grooaaans of the crowd.

3 mins: LeBron James now with three personal fouls. Keep an eye on that one. Dallas doing everything right at this point - Wade on the break and blows up at the officials saying he got pushed in the back when laying up - nine point lead to Dallas Mavs,

4 mins: What can you do to stop Wade tonight? He drives in, draws the foul and drops the basket. Class in motion. VIDEO UP.

5 mins: Heat go to the line for the first time in the match and it's Wade with the chance to add some single digits to the scoreboard - misses.

6 mins: Chandler gets things rolling after the break with a tip in. Wade is 8/10 from the field and on fire as he says anything you can do I can do with heeeaatt - he gets two.

7 mins: There's a delay as an over-excited fans lets his beverage leak out onto the court! OH MY... Miami Heat fans I'll the video do the talking and your team snatches back two. Video up. WADE BANG electriFying the crowd now... video up. Time out Dallas! Wade has 14 overall and the last six points.

ALL VIDEO UP - technical issues fixed :-)

8 mins: Got to be loving NBA finals time as the Mavericks look to strike back. Best start to the second quarter as they turn up a heat of their own and open a five point gap. Jason Terry has a bomb from long and it rims, Mavericks getting the ball back only struggle to put it away. Plenty of pressure on the Heat's board - Terry misses another 3-pointer.

10 mins: Mavericks looking sharp as they shoot 59% from the field.

Still working on the technical issues people, bear with us please.

SECOND QUARTER: This one keeping instep - Mavericks now muscling up on the inside.

<1 mins: James with two fouls thought he'd take a second three-pointer but the Mavericks hit right back with a basket to tie it up. Le Bron then has a dig at the buzzer but no good. FIRST QUARTER 28-28

1 mins: Two on LeBron James now but check out his teammate with the block. Video up soon.

2 mins: Chandler aggressive at the hoop and gets the bounce off the rim for two. Wade smashes his way inside to take two back. Mavericks struggling to get the room to let loose and BAAAANNNNGGGGG. Time out Mavericks as LeBron smashes it through the net like lighting through butter. Video up soon.

4 mins: Having a little technical issues will get video through as soon as we can. It's titt-for-tatt with the Mavericks hanging tough then breaking fast - Chandler laying one up then. BANG Heat for 3! Stevenson answers with a 3!

6 mins: Wade already three from four from the field. Mavericks looking to muscle up on rebounds. SLAM as James bangs one from distance! VIDEO UP.

7 mins: LeBron James picks up his first foul and sends Tyson Chandler to the line.

8 mins: Dale Stevenson drops a BOMB for the first three of the match. VIDEO UP.

9 mins: First long stoppage of the game withe a few shots missed early as players search for their range.

FIRST Quarter: Miami Heat are first to score through Wade. Heat's early points are from the inside. Nowitzski slapped on the hand and goes to the line - I think the slap was searching for a finger though.

Just 15 minutes to tip-off ladies and gentlemen... can the Mavericks snatch one back or will the Heat come with some fire of their own to make it 2 from 2?

The Heat took out Game 1 and tip-off for Game 2 is not far away but in the meantime watch the heat win 94-84 by viewing the video.

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